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JR Star Credit is an industry leader in personal and commercial loan services. Based in Singapore, they offer a wide array of loans to help you alleviate financial tension. Whether it’s a personal loan, Pay Day loan, or foreigner loan, most loans are approved within one business day! This helps put money in your pocket when you need it the most. As a premier lender, our loan application and process is designed to ensure money for all endeavors. Whether you need quick money to pay a bill, payroll services, or even to help remodel your home, we offer the lowest interest rates on the market today. There are never any extensive background checks, and your loan can be approved within 24 hours. If you are suffering from financial stress and problems, JR Star Credit is your portal to quick cash and financial freedom! For more information, speak to one of our helpful loan assistants today.

Money Lender

JR Star Credit specializes in a range of personal loans for your convenience. As Singapore’s most trusted and honest moneylender, our loans are designed to secure cash for emergencies or other expenses. While other loan companies feature intricate background checks that are time consuming, our loan process is truly fast and effective. We offer some of the lowest interest rates in the industry, as well as precise loan computations and amounts. If you are a citizen of Singapore, all you need is your current pay slip for loan eligibility. If you, however, is a foreigner applying for a money loan, simply provide us with your passport and current pay slip, and we’ll handle all the rest. We also accept work permits, tenancy agreements, and employer contracts for quick loan approvals! With the global fiscal crisis still ensuing, you need a moneylender that you can trust. At JR Star Credit, our money lending services have helped countless individuals with quick cash over the years.   

Be financially short no more! JRStarCredits offers various loan services such as personal loan,
payday loan, and foreigner loan. Wait in vain no more because your loan can be approved within a day.

JRStarCredits is backed up with honesty, integrity and ethics – worry no more because what you
are seeing on your bill is the most accurate computation of your loan. The lowest interest rate is in
here; rest assured that you are paying for what you have loaned and not the interest.

No need for rigorous background check! Respect is one of our main core values. All you need if you
are a Singapore citizen and IC and your current payslip. However, if you are an foreigner and applying
for a Foreigner loan, then just present a copy of your passport, latest payslip, Work permit,
Tenacy agreement, and employer contract and your loan application will immediately approve!

Get your dreams come true today! We are more than a lending company, coz we help! Let not your
short budget dictate how you can enjoy life! Apply a loan now! Talk to us!

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